December 2013

Dear Friends


As the Jewish people looked and waited for a Messiah over 2000 years ago today we look and wait for the return of the Lord Jesus Christ as king and ruler of all nations!  Then He came as a baby…to bring us salvation.  Today He will come as King and reign forever giving us eternal life!  It is exciting!  We pray that each of you have your hearts ready and proclaim His soon return!

2013 has been a year to remember.  Many people have accepted Christ as their personal Savior.  We have led individuals to Christ on airplanes, in parking lots, in church services, at the YMCA, through outreaches and in personal witnessing.  It has been a great year.  We have been a part of remodeling church buildings and parsonages.  We helped purchase vans to provide transportation to church services and camps for youth and adults.  We worked with native pastors and did some interim pastoring.  Many things have been accomplished for His Kingdom. We’re thankful for His goodness and the souls who have come to Christ.

This year is coming to the end. Funds are needed to help finish paying for what has been accomplished.    Our 2013 income is down by a large amount.  Will you pray with us for a financial miracle by the end of this year? Thank you for your faithfulness and for being a part of our ministry.

May the Lord Richly Bless You as we go into 2014!

Sincerely, In Christ

Mel and Corliss Erickson

Fall 2013

Dear Friends,

Once again, thank you to the individuals and all the churches who make ministry to Native Americans their ministry by financial giving and prayer support. As your US Missionary, we appreciate you!

ImageAfter being interim pastors of the Turtle Mountain Worship Center for a time, it became the focus of many remodeling projects. The interior of the church was painted, new doors & windows were put in, a new sound system was installed, a keyboard purchased and a projection system. Of 20 church building projects the Belcourt church was the first church building project coordinated by Mel in 1994 and was built with all volunteer help.  Pastor Curtis Patinaud is now the pastor.  God is moving as only He can!  Outreach Teams on reservations including Turtle Mountain, have reported some 700 decisions for Christ this summer!  Praise the Lord!

Mel & I traveled to the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation in Montana early last spring to deliver a van to Pastor Jessen & his wife for their church.  The youth were so excited and said it was an answer to their prayers as they were able to go to camp.  This fall they received a handicapped accessible van from us, which they needed! Attendance has increased and they have also moved into a new church building.Continue to pray for the native pastors and churchImage 1es with whom we work.  Pastor Tim Brown on the White Earth Reservation has multiple funerals in his church every month.  Many prayers have been extended for the needs there!

Several thousand dollars are needed yet to finish paying the expenses of the summer of which you may be a part.  Thank you again and God bless you!


Your US Missionaries,

Mel & Corliss Erickson



PS  Our book “Living the Call” Vol. I & II is available for purchase for Christmas.  You may call or e-mail us or go to our website @ to order.

September Thank you

Thank you for choosing us to be a part of your ministry for the Lord!  Projects and Outreaches have been part of a busy summer!  Over 700 decisions have been made for Christ!  Painting has been done in church buildings, doors have been replaced and new windows put in!  Praise the Lord!  Two vans were purchased providing transportation for Indian people to get to church and to camps. A big thank you to those who made this possible! It has been a great time working with our Native Pastors across the country.

In August we attended the General Council of the Assemblies of God in Orlando Florida, a US Missions seminar and the Influence Conference.  What a great spiritual uplifting and inspirational time this was.  God’s Spirit moved mightily in the sessions and services. Information was portrayed with excellence.  Thousands attended even though Florida was very hot and humid.  We were thankful to get back to the north central part of the country even though heat and humidity followed us!

We need several thousand dollars yet to finish paying the expenses of the summer.  Thank you for your giving, your prayers and your support.  God Bless!!!

Mel & Corliss

April Thank you

Thank you Friend for your support during this past month.  March was a very busy month  for us.  We have been on the road for four weeks speaking and presenting our ministry in mission conventions, in services of supporting churches and meeting with pastors of supporting churches.  It is always a joy to meet with those who have given faithfully and sacrificially into our ministry.

We put on many miles as we drove to the East coast and back.  This entailed many states…from North Dakota to Minnesota to Wisconsin to Illinois to Indiana to Ohio to Pennsylvania to Maryland to Virginia and back through Iowa and into Minneapolis to spend Easter with our daughter Lynelle and her family.

Now we are looking forward to summer ministry on the reservations, outreaches and projects.  We have been and continue to be in touch with Native pastors across the nation.

Thank you for your prayers for continued good health & strength, for miracles from God in situations impossible with man and wisdom & guidance from God.  We are thankful for your prayers for safety and good weather as we travel.  We appreciate your financial support as you give into this ministry.  May God bless you.


February Thank you

Dear Friends

Thank you for your support and prayers the last couple months.  We have been doing double duty working with our Native Pastors and being Interim Pastor at the Turtle Mountain Worship Center A/G at Belcourt, ND for the past five months.  It has been one of the most trying times of our ministry.  However, along with that is has been very fulfilling!  We have had to deal with situations that we never thought we would have to deal with.

The Lord has helped us get things replaced for the Belcourt church that have walked away through the years.  They now have hymnals, new keyboard, a PA system, Overhead Projection, new computers, a freezer for the food pantry, a pallet jack, Sunday School materials and literature.  There are re-keyed locks throughout the building.  The church van has been repaired and is useable.   A newly elected Native Pastor is now on board.

Thank you to the Youth Dept. of the Assemblies of God and individuals that have stepped forward to help making it possible to accomplish this. Thank you also to the North Dakota District of the A/G for their support and finances.

Thank You very much for your prayers and support.  Everything we are encountering is not over yet. We continue to need your prayers and support. We are Praising God for the Salvations.

We need to buy a van for a church on a reservation in Montana that is seeing God move mightily. We have several reservation churches that are not able to buy fuel and insurance for their churches.  With your help we would like to be able to help them.  God Bless you and thank you.


Sincerely In Christ

Mel and Corliss